Blue Heron Art Studio
Art by Ev Wesson
"Nothing happens unless first we dream."                                 Carl Sandburg
Ev's art invites the viewer to  escape to simple, soothing times.  It encourages a little dreaming and perhaps taking a some time to think about what is really important.
The subject matter in my work is inspired by the natural world around me, as well as experiences from my childhood growing up in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. 
There are so many fascinating art products being produced today that it is difficult to choose just one.  That is why I am drawn to mixed media.  My current creative process is to begin with a sketch. Then I choose the various art media that help me to  express what I want to say at that moment and apply them in layers.
Though I have worked with many different art materials, I have recently come to enjoy watercolor the most because of its wonderful translucent qualities and unexpected surprises. 
In the end, it's all about expressing the beauty and wonder we experience as part of this mysterious and magical gift of life!